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Mississauga Lawyers Helping Clients Grow Their Families

Making the decision to expand your family through adoption is an exciting and happy time, and a momentous choice. It is also a journey that is best undertaken with careful consultation with a knowledgeable family lawyer who has specific experience advising clients on adoption matters and guiding them through the adoption process.

The Mississauga adoption lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP focus on public adoptions, private adoptions, and family adoptions (i.e. adoptions by a step-parent, grandparent or similar adult) in Ontario. We can help make adopting your child and bringing them home significantly less stressful by ensuring that all necessary legal aspects are taken care of. With our assistance, you can focus on preparing for the arrival of your new family member.

Adoption in Ontario 

In order to be eligible to adopt a child in Ontario, you must be a resident of the province and must be at least 18 years of age.  You can adopt as an individual or as a couple, including as a same sex couple.

Public Adoptions 

Public adoption is the process through which children who are in foster care and have become Crown Wards are adopted by a permanent family.

A public adoption involves adopting a child through the local Children’s Aid Society (CAS). Children who are adopted through this process tend to be older and are available for adoption either because of child protection concerns by the CAS or because their parents made the choice to place them for adoption.

There is no fee for adopting a child through the CAS. However, as a potential adoptive parent, the CAS requires you to take part in an extensive assessment process involving applications, references, police checks, questionnaires and medical reports. It also involves a probation period during which the CAS pairs you with a child, at the end of which you can choose to proceed with adoption and become that child’s legal guardian.  Candidates to become adoptive parents also have to go through a specified training process.

Private Adoptions 

A private adoption involves adopting a child through an adoption agency approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Many children adopted through private adoption are babies or infants. The fees for private adoptions range from $15,000 to $25,000, typically paid to an adoption facilitator, in addition to additional fees for things such as home study and adoption training.

Family Adoptions 

Family adoption, also known as relative adoption, is the process by which a child is adopted by a step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other close family member.

This type of adoption can occur directly through applying to the Ontario Family Court, and without the need to engage either a private adoption agency or a Children’s Aid Society. Home study and adoption training are not required in family adoption.

Family adoption applies only to parents who reside in Ontario and adoptive children who reside in Canada.

Our Guidance on Adoption Matters 

At Campbell Bader LLP, our compassionate and highly skilled Mississauga adoption lawyers can advise clients on the adoption process. Whether you are a spouse seeking to legally become the parent of your step-children, a grandparent seeking to become a legal parent to a grandchild, or are looking to adopt to expand your family, we can help.

We provide guidance on all aspects of the adoption process and will be with you through every step of the way. We will help you with all relevant paperwork, assist you in gathering all necessary documentation, guide you through any and all assessments required, and ensure that everything required to make the process of welcoming your child home is taken care of.

For Practical and Compassionate Guidance on Adoption Matters Contact Campbell Bader LLP 

If you are seeking to adopt a child you need practical, forthright legal representation to get you through the legal process as smoothly and quickly so that your family can grow as soon as possible. At Campbell Bader LLP we can help. Contact us online or at 905-828-2247.