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Collaborative Family Lawyers in Mississauga

Not every separation or divorce has to be messy, emotionally draining, and combative. In some cases, spouses who are willing to cooperate and discuss things calmly can take advantage of the collaborative family law process and resolve their outstanding issues without having to resort to the typical litigation process.

Ginny Lee, acting in her capacity as of counsel* to Bader Law, helps clients walk through the collaborative family law process, represent them throughout it, and provide ongoing advice. She is empathetic, compassionate, and pragmatic, and can help guide you to a mutually beneficial resolution with your former spouse.

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative family law is a means of amicably resolving disputes arising from a separation or divorce. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Respect is the fundamental guiding principle of this process, and the goal is to keep a dispute between parties from going to court while lessening the emotional impact of divorce and protecting the well-being of children.

During the collaborative family process, each spouse retains their own lawyer who is specifically trained in the collaborative process and who can advise them and represent their best interests. The collaborative approach can also take advantage of the expertise of other professionals, including financial specialists, child specialists, therapists, and others who all come together with the goal of resolving matters for the former spouses. These other experts can help create parenting plans, review financial information and relevant documents, and help improve communication. How the process works, and how many professionals will ultimately participate is up to the two former spouses.

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Family Law?

Like many other legal disputes, a divorce can get expensive quickly if all related issues are resolved through typical litigation and court battles. Not only can collaborative family law make the process significantly less expensive it can also:

  • Resolve issues far more quickly than going to court;
  • Foster open communication and respect;
  • Maintain privacy (no public record), something that may appeal to high-net-worth individuals; and
  • Result in a solution that is beneficial to both spouses.

Bader Law: Helping Clients Resolve Family Disputes Amicably

At Bader Law in Mississauga, of counsel Ginny Lee advocates for a collaborative approach to representing clients in family law when possible, and she embraces the trend towards formal collaborative practice. To discuss your matter with Ginny, contact Ginny Lee by email or by phone at (647) 767-5421.

*Note that Ginny Lee is an independent practitioner and not an employee of Bader Law.