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Mississauga Lawyers Assisting Clients with Complex Family Law Issues 


Going through a separation and/or divorce can be devastating particularly where complex financial, custody and access, and other issues are involved. Obtaining advice from empathetic, pragmatic family law lawyers during this tumultuous time in your life can help protect you, your children, and your finances.

At Campbell Bader LLP, our knowledgeable Mississauga family lawyers can help guide you through the legal process as smoothly and quickly as possible, so that you can confidently step forward into the next phase of your life. We offer a wide range of targeted family law services involving some of the most complex disputes that may arise during separation and divorce.

Divorce and Separation Involving Challenging Financial Matters 

Following the breakdown of a marriage, the process of equalization often becomes one of the most contentious disputes between former partners. This can become even more complicated where one or both parties are self-employed, are a professional with a practice (i.e. doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, etc.), or have income, investments or assets in foreign jurisdictions.

Where this is the case, an already stressful and technical process can become that much more divisive and complicated.  In cases involving complex financial matters, retaining a family lawyer with significant knowledge of foreign tax jurisdictions and experience in helping clients trace assets is key to ensuring that your rights and financial interests are protected, and you and your children are provided for. At Campbell Bader LLP our team of exceptional Mississauga family lawyers have many years of assisting clients in untangling knotty financial issues.

Child Protection Matters 

Having a Children’s Aid Society investigate your family can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. If the CAS shows up at your home, that means that there has been a complaint filed against you or someone has otherwise alerted the agency to a possible problem, including child neglect or child abuse. These are serious allegations that can have destructive implications on you, your reputation, and, most importantly, on your family.

Child protection matters can be a legal minefield. The CAS has broad powers to investigate or search your home, speak to your children without allowing you to be present, and speak to your neighbours and others. Most significantly, the CAS also has the power and authority to take your children away.

If the CAS has become involved with your family, it is imperative to seek guidance from a family lawyer knowledgeable in this very particular area of law as soon as possible in order to understand your rights and be able to fight for them.

At Campbell Bader LLP we have many years of experience advising families on CAS matters and representing them in any legal disputes that may arise from CAS involvement. We can help you protect yourself, your children, and your family. If you are being investigated, we can help you through the process. If your children have been apprehended, we can help you gain back custody as soon as possible. With our help, you can overcome this difficult period in your family life.

Contact Campbell Bader LLP for Guidance with Your Most Complex Family Law Disputes 

The family law lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP are focused on delivering the best possible outcome to clients facing the most complex and challenging family law issues. Our goal is to help you get through your legal dispute as quickly and seamlessly as possible, so that you can focus on moving forward. Contact us online or at 905-828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you and being on your side.