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Mississauga Divorce Lawyer Advising Clients on Spousal & Child Support

It is not unusual for a couple going through separation or divorce to disagree about the matter of spousal support or child support. Regardless of whether you are the payor or payee spouse, the calculation of support payments can have a massive impact on your financial security and personal well-being. If you are trying to navigate child or spousal support issues, you need to trust that your family lawyer understands these complex matters and will help guide you to a resolution that is in your best interests and the best interests of your children.

Ginny Lee, acting in her capacity as of counsel* to Bader Law, has considerable experience helping clients with child support and spousal support matters. Her empathetic approach will help you stay focused if she feels you are in a difficult emotional environment. Let her help you move forward and ensure your children are protected.

Child Support

In Ontario, the Federal Child Support Guidelines set out who is responsible for support payments, and the amounts that must be paid. These are based on the income of the non-recipient, which is usually the non-custodial parent. On top of the rates set out in the Guidelines, extraordinary expenses may also be required for things like health care and education.

While the Guidelines provide some degree of assistance, it is not unusual for disputes to arise over the proper amount of child support. Because support is calculated based on the payor spouse’s income, imputing a different amount of income can vastly alter the amount of support owing. In some situations, income is identified by reference to reported income from tax returns. However, for business owners and other high net worth individuals, there may be additional or other sources or forms of income to consider.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, or alimony, is a form of equalization payment made by a higher income spouse to a lower-income spouse. Unlike child support, there are no formal guidelines that govern the amount that must be paid. Instead, factors such as length of the relationship, relative income, and financial need, and whether one spouse voluntarily reduced their earning capacity for the benefit of the relationship will be considered.

Even more than child support, spousal support matters tend to get contentious quickly. A payor spouse may resent having to finance their ex, or a payee spouse may question the amount of money they are receiving and think that they ought to receive more.

Practical and Thoughtful Family Law Advice for Child and Spousal Support

Whether you need advice about spousal support, child support, or both, Ginny Lee will offer practical advice that is tailored to your personal needs. She has years of experience helping clients resolve their family disputes quickly, while minimizing unnecessary expenses. To discuss your matter with Ginny Lee, of counsel to Bader Law, contact Ginny Lee by email or by phone at (647) 767-5421.

*Note that Ginny Lee is an independent practitioner and not an employee of Bader Law.